Are You Tired of Wasting Time Endlessly Posting to Social Media Without Any Results?

Use Our Social Media Marketing Services to Help Save Time and Drive New Customers to Your Business Using Social Media

Are You Wasting Time on Social Media?

Most small business owners don’t consider social media a marketing tool. In fact, most will consider a complete waste of time.

The reasoning behind their thoughts is because they tried it and it didn’t work. But true social media marketing by professionals can lead to more business for you and less time on the computer dealing with it.

Here are some cold hard facts about social media and how it impacts business:

  • More than 70% of users of social media websites say that they are more likely to purchase products from a business or brand they follow on social media
  • More than 15% of customers use only social media to find local business information and details
  • More than 63% of users prefer businesses on social media because of the information provided is easily accessed on the social media websites


Are You Taking Advantage of Social Media Marketing?

More and more businesses are moving to social media but most are not taking full advantages of them. From the statistics above, there is 15% of the market that only searches for local businesses with social media. So, if you’re not taking advantage of social media marketing you’re losing approximately 15% of the people who may want your service or product.

That’s a huge impact for small businesses in larger cities and can be tens of thousands of people easily! 

It’s not enough to just ‘be on social media’ today however. You need to engage with your audience. We’ve been helping businesses with social media for a few years and we’ve seen huge engagement boosts with just a few changes to some of their strategies.

Here’s How Most Businesses Think Social Media Should Operate

You create a Facebook page and users instantly like and call you wanting your services.

If you’ve already created a Facebook page or other social media profile then you’ll quickly realize it doesn’t work like that.

Even in real life, you can’t expect customers to just come to your door. You’ll need to do some sort of advertising or at least bring awareness by talking with people. That’s where the power lies in social media.

Social media marketing can not only be your word of mouth advertising but it can also create an awareness of your business that isn’t likely matched by other mediums available today.

Ask Yourself These Tough Questions About Your Social Media Marketing Strategy:

  • Am I expecting users to take action based simply on my brand or name?
  • Does my social media profiles correctly show what I do, when I’m available, and other details that are crucial to a customer buying?
  • Can a customer learn about my company from social media?
  • How much time is too much on social media?

One of the biggest problems with most people and businesses on social media is that they get a false sense of importance. Having a business page on social media is great but you can’t just expect people to follow you blindly based simply on your name.

Another huge problem when considering social media marketing is that the users don’t set up their profiles correctly. They may spend hours upon hours on social media and overlook some simple things like putting in their business hours. Simple mistakes like this cost you customers and likely won’t garner you any new fans or followers.


After looking at thousands of social media profiles and crashing and burning on my own business ventures in social media I decided to make it a point to use this powerful platform to start driving customers and engagment with this powerful tool.